About Us

The Rubis Group

RUBiS is an independent international operator specialising in the downstream petroleum and chemicals sector that operates bulk liquid storage facilities through its subsidiary Rubis Terminal and distributes fuels and LPG through its subsidiary Rubis Energie.  

At the end of 2008, Rubis purchased the operations of Shell UK in the Channel Islands. The Group currently comprises of three local subsidiaries:

Infrastructures serving energy storage and distribution

Two divisions based on one business line: the downstream oil industry

Rubis Terminal is specialised in the storage of liquid products (petroleum, chemical and agrifood products). Petroleum products represent nearly 70% of the business (gasoline, diesel, home heating oil), with the balance divided among chemical products, foodstuffs (oils, molasses) and liquid fertiliser.The Group is a market leader in France, and is developing its presence in Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Rubis Energie combines LPG and petroleum products distribution activities: propane, butane and autogas, service stations, lubricants, heating oil, bitumens and aviation fuel. Its development, focused on a geographic zone/ market segment combination, has enabled the successful development of a “niche” strategy with market leading presence in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

At Rubis the following objectives define our vision:

Dare to take the initiative. It is no longer sufficient to manage or administer a company. A manager must first and foremost be an entrepreneur, in addition to being an astute, judicious and effective administrator. It is by taking new initiatives that one can manage change, as this makes one a key player. We need to drive change and not let change come at our expense. Foreseeing the unforeseeable is first of all to be an agent of change, without knowing what change will ensue.

Develop an ability to react very swiftly to any new event liable to affect our business. In this respect, the organization must be flexible and responsive, i.e. not centralized, not technocratic and not conservative.

Maintain proximity with end customers. One must bear in mind that the system’s ever-increasing unpredictability is attributable to the perpetual and simultaneous confrontation of a multitude of individual economic acts, the cumulative effect of which may, at any time, create a disruption, an unexpected inflection. It is vital that we remain close to reality and that we understand microeconomic impetus if we are to make the necessary adjustments, or to review our strategy. The long-term outlook is influenced by the recurrence of immediate and short-term events. Updating the long-term vision to reflect short-term fluctuations is an enduring necessity.

Be an actor in the social and economic fabric, promoting awareness and acceptance of our business, including non-profit initiatives aimed at globalising our approach (political, social, environmental, etc.), there by reducing the exogenous uncertainties of our business. Rubis, with its original structure as a limited equity partnership and its corporate culture based on responsibility and entrepreneurship, has implemented, in a structured and sustainable manner, a system that allows it to respond pertinently to all of today’s new challenges.

Acting and doing business means appropriating our destiny in order to better foresee the unforeseeable.