The history of La Collette terminal

The fuel terminal was originally located behind La Folie Inn and along what is still known as Victoria Harbour. As the use of the harbour expanded due to the increase in Jersey’s commercial and domestic growth, it was necessary to improve facilities at the harbour.

The States of Jersey launched a significant and ambitious reclamation project and the new fuel terminal opened for business in 1978. The fuel terminal was originally built by Shell UK and Esso Petroleum UK as a joint facility for the storage of all fuel grades required in Jersey.

Fuels are delivered to Jersey by ships, which berth at the jetty on the west side of La Collette about 30 times per year.

The fuel terminal covers over 203 000 Sq. Ft and is situated in the Jersey Harbours area (St Helier) on the south east coast of Jersey. The terminal comprises of 11 main storage tanks with individual sizes ranging from 500 to 2,500 cubic metres and a total working capacity of 18,000 cubic metres. Over the past 30 years the terminal’s facilities have been managed by Shell UK and the current operator, La Collette Terminal Ltd, took over the operatorship in July 2009.

La Collette Terminal Ltd is continuously engaged in developing an investment programme to make sure the fuel terminal remains a strategic asset in the distribution of fuels to Jersey and the Channel Islands.