Health, Safety and Environment

Our policy

La Collette Terminal Limited is a Jersey based fuel terminal owner and operator incorporated in 2009 and is a subsidiary of the Rubis Group. It provides services and facilities for the handling and storage of bulk fuels. La Collette Terminal Limited owns and operates the Jersey based fuel terminal at La Collette.

This policy is supported by the following principles:

• Achieving continuous improvement in our HSE performance supported by the development and maintenance of appropriate management systems;

• Complying with local regulations, laws, requirements and industry best practices;

• Creating a culture where HSE is the responsibility of all employees;

• Pursuing the goal of no harm to people by seeking the elimination of injuries and illness through continuous improvement of practices and standards;

• Identifying hazards and assessing the risks, managing significant risks through a systematic approach to bring them as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP);

• Implementing sustainable development actions to protect the environment by reducing harmful emissions and effluents from our activities and where possible eliminating them;

• Monitoring our HSE performance using key performance indicators (KPI’s) to improve performance;

• Providing information, instruction, supervision and training to enable our staff to perform their work safely and efficiently;

• Developing and maintaining a close co-operation with the local Authorities and emergency services;

• Sharing this vision with our customers, contractors and other business partners.